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Registered Pedigree dogs have a registration number, which is recorded, at the top of the Certified Registration and Pedigree Certificate with the seal of the Australian National Kennel Club (ANKC). Only registered dogs are eligible for Exhibition and/or Obedience, Agility Trials etc. conducted and approved by Dogs Victoria (the Victorian Canine Association).

Be very wary of breeders or pet shops that claim to have pure bred Westies, but do not offer to provide pedigree papers.

Each breeder has a registered Kennel Prefix. No breeder can register a litter of pedigree puppies without a Kennel Prefix. All puppies must be registered within 18 months of whelping (birth). No dog can be registered after this age.

There are two types of Registration - Main and Limited. If you wish to exhibit and/or breed your dog at a later stage, then your puppy must be registered on the Main Register. Dogs can be transferred from the Limited Register to the Main Register provided the breeder authorises it in writing.

Ask the breeder if you can view his/her dogs, that way they get to meet you and you can discuss and ask questions. Some breeders only have the dam (mother) on their property.

It is advisable to ring each breeder on a regular basis, as this shows that you are keen to get a puppy.
When you know that the breeder has a puppy available for you, it is advisable to offer a holding deposit, reserving a puppy. If you are on more than one breeder's waiting list, please let the others know when you have purchased a puppy, so that they can remove your name from their list.

The majority of breeders allow the purchaser to take home the puppy once it has reached 8 weeks. No registered breeder is permitted to allow a puppy to leave their premises under 8 weeks of age.

The breeder is required to provide the purchaser with:

  • Receipt of Payment
  • Feeding Sheet
  • Vaccination Card (6 weeks) signed by the breeders Veterinarian. (Puppies should be vaccinated again at 12 weeks)
  • Worming Schedule stating last worming date (all puppies should be wormed from 2 weeks of age onwards)
  • Certificate of Registration and Pedigree (ANKC seal) provided by the State in which the breeder resides in, namely Dogs Victoria
  • Application Form for membership to the VCA for transferring the puppy from the breedersname into the purchaser's name.
  • Information on the care of looking after your puppy.
  • Grooming information.
  • After Sales Service. If you have any problems with your puppy, contact your breeder.