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30th September
Membership renewals due
 Members Fun Day
 Bulla Reserve
11 am
 Annual General Meeting
  Bulla Exhibition Center - Mtg Rm One
7.30 pm
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The West Highland White Terrier Club of Victoria is dedicated to serve the best interests of the Breed in our State, promoting responsible Westie ownership and providing advice and assistance to all its members when it comes to purchasing, feeding, training, grooming, and taking good care of a Westie's health.

34th Championship Show

Congratulations to:

S. Stewart/M. O'Reilly/M. Murphy/V. Edwards




Aust Swe NZ Grand CH ALBORADA NATALIO (Imp Spa) 


Membership renewals are due September 30, 2014
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West Highland White Terriers originated in the highlands of Scotland in the early 1900’s. They were developed as a ‘working terrier’ and were bred to hunt and kill vermin. They are small, sturdy little dogs with strong teeth and a double weather proof coat designed to keep them warm and protect them from the harsh elements.

The term ‘varmity’ is used to describe them as they are bold, active and very courageous little dogs and will chase anything they perceive as prey including cats, mice, birds etc, they have a very outgoing nature.

They are confident, curious and intelligent but can also be stubborn and self-determined and will stand their ground so it is important that owners set the boundaries and they understand who is the leader of the pack.

They need daily exercise and stimulating activity to keep them in top condition mentally and physically and must be brushed and combed thoroughly at least weekly to keep their coat in good condition and free of matting.

Westies have a very good disposition and fit in well with families who have the time and energy to spend time with them.